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Chrome Trips: Plan Your Next Trip With Google

The New Journeys feature in Google Chrome aggregates all the pages retrieved from a topic search.

The feature is now being tested and is especially useful for anyone planning a trip.

Google Chrome’s Journeys functionality avoids having to search through your search history

The new Travel feature automatically groups all the information and sites found when searching for a topic. All that information grouped together, in one place, can be viewed on a Chrome history page.

In fact, the new Journey feature prevents you from searching your search history from top to bottom looking for specific links that you have consulted while searching for a topic, without knowing the exact day or time of the consultation.

This function can be especially useful for those who are planning a trip and looking at dozens, or even hundreds, of sites with tourist attractions, places to visit, best restaurants, etc.

According to Google, the Travel feature allows you to not only “take stock of your search,” but also continue to “explore a particular topic.”

The Journeys feature is available for testing in the Canary version of Google Chrome, designed exactly to test new features. To make use of it, simply open your Chrome history and select the new Travel option.

The new sidebar makes it easy to find and switch between links

At the same time, the search engine is also preparing a new function to facilitate the exchange between links found during a search. In other words, when a user performs a search and finds a relevant link, that link can be opened in a sidebar, now in development, allowing the user to see both results at the same time.

In practice, the user no longer needs to open a new tab with the relevant link and can see it in that sidebar which will look similar to the mobile version of Google Chrome. In this way, the user can continue to the main search results page, with an additional rectangle that will display the information of the selected relevant link.

This is a feature that has yet to be developed, but it will appear for testing in the Canary version of Chrome soon.

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