Christos likes himself with a brace against a late Oviedo

The Andorra 2023 has started like a shot and to the sound of a Christos Almpanis who was in charge of dismasting Oviedo, who arrived too late for the duel. All merit of a tricolor team that drowned out their rival, monopolizing possession and most of the goal opportunities. The result could even be more bulky than 3-1. Christos, in an immaculate first half, signed a double that was too much for Oviedo. Dani Calvo, at 75′, closed the gap, but Bakis’s great goal in added time put the finishing touch to a duel of clear tricolor dominance. Eder Sarabia’s men, after five games without winning, finally return to the path of happiness and they get fully involved in the fight for the promotion playoff. Oviedo, who missed greater fluidity, continues in no man’s land.

And it seems like an impossible mission to take the ball away from Andorra, or at least discuss it. Oviedo soon realized this and that it was a game to suffer. And boy did he do it. Those of Cervera barely appeared in the first half and it was wear and tear chasing shadows. The tricolores were calm, faithful to their style, and an unbalancing Christos emerged and unhinged, over and over again, the rival defense. At 10′ he was about to force a penalty, the referee signaled it in the first instance, although the VAR checked the foul he received from David Costas and took it out of the area, and at 19′ he did not forgive. He picked up the ball on the right flank and focused until, lacking active pressure, he searched for the shot and beat Braat at the short post. Award for a much superior Andorra and that did not let Oviedo go further in the match.

Those of Cervera, uncomfortable, did not shoot at goal with danger and they were saved from 2-0 in minute 30. With Braat outmatched, Alende missed and shot against David Costas’ left leg. But of course, the tricolors did not take their foot off the accelerator, the chances were constant and on the brink of rest, Christos signed his double. Hector put a Germán in flight who put the ball into the heart of the area, Jimmy left it dead and the tricolor winger picked it up there.

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Already in the second half, the duel entered, for an instant, in an exchange of blows with the chances for Germán, very clear was the one he had at 59 ‘, and Borja Bastón, but neither showed a punch. The tricolors set out to control the duel although in the last 15 minutes everything was shaken, due to the appearances of players like Koba, and the 2-1 score by Dani Calvo. The central defender took advantage of Koba’s excellent cross to finish off the goal. After that, Oviedo believed it and Viti, at 78′, was able to tie, but shot wide. They were hectic minutes because, at 79′, Andorra asked for a penalty at the hands of David Costas and in the continuation Bakis failed to score. It was undoubtedly the notice of a striker who never ceases to amaze and who, in addition, signed the 3-1. A goal. Andorra, at this level, a candidate for the playoff.


Alex Pastor (37′, Adriá Vilanova), Koba Koindredi (59′, Hugo Rama), samuel obeng (59′, Sergi Enrich), Angel Montoro (65′, Luismi), Mangel Prendes (65′, Jimmy Suarez), Diego Pampin (71′, Adrià Altimira), Mustapha Bundu (71′, German Valera), Sinan Bakis (71′, Carlos Martinez), Leonardo Sequeira (84′, Viti Rozada), Ruben Bover (86′, Christos Albanis)


1-0, 18′: Christos Albanis2-0, 45′: Christos Albanis2-1, 74′: dani calvo3-1, 93′: Sinan Bakis


Referee: Álvaro Moreno Aragón
VAR referee: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias, Gorka Sagués Oscoz
costs (26′,Yellow) Sarabia (32′,Yellow) Mika Marble (37′,Yellow) luismi (55′,Yellow) Abel Bretones (90′,Yellow)

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