Christian Nodal begins to erase his tattoos in honor of Belinda

After announcing his breakup with Belinda, the Mexican singer Christian Nodal began to erase all traces of the singer from his life, starting with the first tattoo in honor of her.

Nodal performed at a concert this weekend in Costa Rica and one of the details that caught the attention of photographers and fans is that he covered the tattoo that he had next to his ear and said “Beli” now you can see symbols that appear on poker cards.

“Beli” is not the only tattoo that the interpreter of “Adios amor” has in honor of the singer, because, like Belinda’s ex-partners, Nodal drew part of the singer’s face on her chest, occupying the entire part of the breasts. Thus, you can see, in black, the big eyes of the actress staring straight ahead of her.

“Nodeli”, as people nicknamed them, got matching tattoos at the beginning of their relationship in 2020. They tattooed the number 4, which is representative of the day this love story began. In addition, the singer captured the initials of her ex-boyfriend (CN) inside a heart on her ankle.

He also tattooed one on his face in red and placed it in the upper right part of his forehead, just above the eye; it’s about the word "Utopia" with a heart, in honor of a song by his now ex-girlfriend.

+ Hint of Nodal

During one of her concerts in Honduras, where she released a message that the fans took as a hint for Belinda, in addition to the song she recently released, which the actress would also have answered with her own version.

“The following song was composed at a time in my life, about four or five years ago, when I didn’t know that the most beautiful things in life couldn’t be bought, things like loyalty, respect, love, fidelity, trust, a good friendship”, said Christian Nodal.

+ Reasons commented on the separation

The program “Gossip No Like” maintained that the separation came after the Spanish tried to ask him for a loan of four million dollars.

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The hosts of the program maintained that Belinda had applied for the loan to pay off her debt with the Tax Administration Service.

Immediately afterwards, they indicated that Nodal’s lawyer showed that the artist has a debt, but not for four million but for 500 thousand dollars.

+ Path traveled

On May 26, 2021, the popular Mexican singers had announced their marriage commitment after almost nine months of dating.

"Ladies and gentlemen… Belinda Peregrin Schull just made me the luckiest man in the world."Nodal wrote that time on Instagram along with two photographs of both in which the engagement ring is seen.

Many of the followers of both artists had been excited at the news of the node, which was longed for by a large sector since they announced their relationship.

As narrated by the couple, their love story began at the Radio Awards held in Texas in 2019, where Belinda came down from the stage, took Nodal by the hand and sang Love at first sight.

In August 2020 they coincided on the television program "Mexico’s voice" and from then on they became the couple of the year in Mexico and they were always very close despite the many rumors that were emerging about possible fights or breakups.

Nodal (Caborca, in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora, 1999) rose to fame in 2016 with the song "Goodbye Love"which is still playing on Mexican and American radios and homes.

Instead, Belinda, born in Madrid in 1992 but raised in Mexico, became an icon from a young age for her appearance in soap operas and her musical career, with hits like "Beautiful betrayal" or "Love at first sight"It has only grown.

Until her relationship with the man from Sonora, she had always been very reluctant to disclose her romantic relationships.

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