No vaccine, no help. This is the idea advocated by Christian Estrosi. Morning guest of BFMTV, Thursday, January 13, the mayor of Nice called for depriving non-vaccinated people of unemployment benefit, in the midst of the Omicron variant wave. “Those who would not be vaccinated should be confined to their homes under the same conditions as in March and April 2020 and not be entitled to unemployment insurance”, thus launched the elected official.

In his sights, the five million unvaccinated in France. According to the mayor of Nice, “when we make society take such risks, we have to pay the price”. Christian Estrosi thus pointed out “those who constitute a threat to our country” who “are those who remain in unacceptable postures”, calling for “zero tolerance in this area”. The elected representative of the Alpes-Maritimes also said he was “in favor of compulsory vaccination”, thus going further than the government, which wants to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass, thus considerably limiting the activities accessible to non- vaccinated.

A tax for the unvaccinated in Quebec

To justify his very harsh words, Christian Estrosi estimated that “the vaccinated do not have to pay for the unvaccinated”. A speech very close to that of the Quebec Prime Minister, François Legault, recalls The Parisian. The elected official thus announced the establishment of a tax, the “health contribution”, for adults who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 without medical reason. More generally, recalls the Huffington Post, Canada has already put forward the idea of ​​depriving its unvaccinated citizens of social benefits.

This is not the first time that the mayor of Nice has raised his voice against people who refuse the vaccine against Covid-19. As recalled Le Figaro, last November, before the text on the vaccination pass, the councilor had already called to tighten the noose and to introduce “restrictions for all those who refuse to be vaccinated. Restrictions targeted on the attendance of cultural activities , leisure activities, on the attendance of sporting and commercial activities “.


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