Chris Singleton hospitalized for heart problems

American power forward Chris Singleton, former FC Barcelona player and currently at Anadolu Efes, has been hospitalized after suffering severe chest pain that the medical examinations revealed that it was caused by a heart problem, as reported by the Turkish team on Wednesday.

The player felt severe chest pain for which he was quickly transferred to the hospital, where he first underwent a coronary angiography (radiographic technique that uses a dye that is injected into the chambers of the heart or coronary arteries to obtain images of blood vessels) that resulted “negative”.

“As a result of advanced radiological evaluation and cardiac examinations performed on Chris Singleton, physicians detected pericarditis and bilateral pleural effusion in our player. On examination, an aneurysm was noted at the level of the sinus of valsalva of the aorta (a cardiac abnormality), but no dissection was noted. Our player will spend Wednesday in the hospital and his condition will be evaluated again on Thursday ”, Efes indicated on its website.

This is a new blow for the reigning EuroLeague champion, after the traffic accident that center Bryant Dunston suffered last Saturday, in which he collided with a truck trailer. Fortunately, the player did not suffer serious injuries and the club offered a photo where he only appeared with both hands bandaged.

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