Home Entertainment Chris Reynolds, the man who accidentally became the richest in the world

Chris Reynolds, the man who accidentally became the richest in the world

Chris Reynolds, the man who accidentally became the richest in the world

An American became the richest man in the world through a corporate mistake, but lost his fortune the same way he gained it.

The name Chris Reynolds will go down in history as he had $92,000 billion in his account, making him the billionaire richest person of all time.

Everything was recorded due to the error of a PayPal transaction in July 2013. An email surprised him by informing him of a transaction that would, without hesitation, make him the richest man in the world.

Chris quickly logged into his account and discovered the reality: he had zero dollars, the amount he knew.

In this way, PayPal management admitted their mistake and offered this man to donate to a cause of his choice.

“This is obviously a mistake and we appreciate that Mr. Reynolds understood that this was the case,” PayPal said in a statement.

He wasn’t the only billionaire by accident

The strange story made headlines and appeared in various newspapers and television channels around the world.

Many people asked him what he would have done with so much money? But Reynols always had an answer: “I probably would have paid off the national debt.”

In fact, Chris Reynolds confessed that he only made about $1,000 from selling tires.

In this way, the American experienced a whole mountain of emotions, but within a few minutes he returned to his original financial situation.

In doing so, this man had one of the most fleeting multibillion-dollar fortunes in history. However, many also consider it one of the most unfortunate.

Although he didn’t enjoy a single cent of the 92,000 billion in his account, he wasn’t the only one who had this experience.

Another Louisiana man named Darren James also received a $50 billion settlement from a bank.

“This isn’t a one-zero error or a two-zero error, it’s someone who fell asleep with the keyboard error.” I was definitely excited. “I was really surprised at how it got there and I wondered if I had a rich uncle who gave it to me,” James told CNN.

In this way, for four days, this American was the 25th richest man in the world, but despite his surprise, he was always aware that he could not spend a single cent.

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