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Chris Paul dances with Giannis

El base se fue a 17 puntos y 19 asistencias, una más que todos los Bucks juntos. Los Warriors caen y se alejan del liderato del Oeste. Victoria de los Grizzlies.

That the Suns are very serious, we already knew. But, in case anyone had any doubts, they show it to us every night. This time, his victims were the Bucks, executioners of the Arizona team in the last Finals. A bitter memory for Monty Williams’ team, seeking redemption and vindication at the same time, the cursed franchise ring in the final phase, led by the cursed player in the final phase. The playoffs are the unfinished business of a Chris Paul who a few months ago was only two victories away from the ring. And that of some Suns that have played three Finals in their history, sinking in each and every one of them. A pending historical account that they try to amend in a dream year in which they are passing over their rivals as if they were leeches, vermin. And in this string of victims they have included, of course, the current champion.

Chris Paul went, in a huge performance (yet another one), to 17 points and 19 assists, one more than all the Bucks put together. The base, on his way to 37 years, leads the Suns to their fourth consecutive victory, the 15th in the last 16 games. The record is 45-10, more wins and fewer losses than anyone in 55 games, of which Chris Paul (who has 29 double-doubles this season) has not missed a single one. Up to seven Suns players added double figures, Bisack Biyombo had 9 points in 10 minutes and DeAndre Ayton was the game’s top scorer with 27 points and a spectacular 12 of 14 shooting from the field. Another example of absolute power for a team that added 131 points in front of its public and gave no choice to his rivals.

The Bucks, for their part, barely had 21 points from Jrue Holiday, the same as Khris Middleton scored. Giannis Antetokounmpo, in one of his worst performances of the course, scored 17 goals and not even the energetic Bobby Portis (11 points) managed to be the revulsive. The 26% in triples of the visitors (10 of 38) says it all, as well as the 18 assists. One less than Paul, yes, but almost half of all the Suns (35) combined. Mike Budenholzer’s team started well (31-34 in the first quarter), but gave up 33, 33 and 34 points in the last three quarters, including a 66-43 blowout between the second and third combined. Of course, in the playoffs things will be different, but this game leaves, right now, the Suns above the Bucks. We insist: right now.


Fourth consecutive victory for the Grizzlies who are still in great form and enduring the pull of the top of the Western Conference. The team led by Taylor Jenkins is with a record of 39-18, 2.5 games behind the Warriors. Ja Morant was once again the top scorer with 23 points and is averaging more than 30 in the last 11 games, shooting over 50% from the field. Up to seven players went to 10 or more points in the Grizzlies, who had 22 goals from Desmond Bane, the double-double of Steven Adams (16+14, with 5 assists) and also that of Kyle Anderson (13+11 ) from the bench. The Pistons are still the worst team in the NBA and, in addition, they did not have Cade Cunningham due to injury. Jerami Grant, which has not been released on the market despite being one of the most coveted pieceswent to 20 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists as the leader of the Detroit team.


Unexpected defeat of the Warriors, who find themselves in a strange moment, rare it’s from the season. They no longer dominate, for a certain reason, the same covers as before and they continue to be proud, but without a Draymond Green who is still low. Against the Knicks, who added a victory as unexpected as it was deserved, they lost by 9 (95-104) with 6 minutes remaining and managed to equalize and have the opportunity to prevail in a tachycardic ending. But Klay Thompson did not finish to force the extra time against a good defense by Evan Fournier and the victory went to the New Yorkers, who are still alive in the fight for the play in Eastern Conference (25-31, in 12th place and two wins out of 10th place). After a streak of 9 consecutive wins, the Warriors add 2 consecutive losses and move away, more and more, from the first place of some Suns that have not wavered throughout the season. Stephen Curry had 35 points and 10 assists, Klay added 17+7+5, Jonathan Kuminga another 17 points and Andrew Wiggins, chosen for the All Star title, 15. For the Knicks, Julius Randle was the best with 28 points, 16 rebounds and 7 assists.

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