Chris Gayle’s Birthday Special: Gayle Is The King Of T20 Cricket, Learn How The Name ‘Universe Boss’ Came About

Chris Gayle's Birthday Special: Gayle Is The King Of T20 Cricket, Learn How The Name 'Universe Boss' Came About

Today is the birthday of Chris Gayle, popularly known as ‘Universe Boss’ in the cricket world. Chris Gayle celebrates his 43rd birthday today. This swashbuckling batsman from the West Indies was born on September 21, 1979 in Kingston, Jamaica. Chris Gayle has earned 483 caps for the West Indies. Especially, reaching the ‘Universe Boss’ record in T20 cricket will not be easy for any batsman. In fact, today we will learn how this swashbuckling batsman from the West Indies got the name ‘Universe Boss’.

In fact, Chris Gayle is the first cricketer in the world to score 14,000 runs in T20 cricket. Chris Gayle has 4965 runs to his name in IPL. At the same time, Chris Gayle’s strike rate in this tournament has been around 149. Chris Gayle is one of the select few players who receives a lot of love and support from fans in almost every cricket league in the world. Aside from this, Chris Gayle often continues to make headlines about his lifestyle. Chris Gayle is known for leading a great life. However, Chris Gayle is known as the ‘Boss of the Universe’ only because of his ‘power hitting’ game on the cricket pitch.

Significantly, Chris Gayle’s dispute with the ICC has come to the fore in the past. In fact, the bat that Chris Gayle has been playing with for the past few years had a ‘The Boss’ sticker on it. However, after the dispute with the ICC, the bat that Chris Gayle uses, only has ‘The Boss’ written on it. However, Chris Gayle had given a statement recently, in this statement he said that the ICC does not like to write ‘Universe Boss’ on the bat. He also said that the ICC doesn’t want him to use Universe Boss.

Chris Gayle tops the list of hitters who hit the most sixes in T20 format. He has hit 553 sixes in this format. Apart from this, India’s Rohit Sharma, Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi, New Zealand’s Brendon McCullum, Martin Guptill and former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni are included in this list.


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