Chris Duarte – NBA Scent to the National Team

Christopher Theoret Duarte, an NBA basketball player for the Indiana Pacers, has on his shoulders the responsibility of returning NBA status to the national basketball team and, indeed, he will be the first player on an active NBA roster since Francisco García, who belonged to the Houston Rockets, in 2014, when he participated in the Basketball World Cup in Spain.

Duarte will be representing the tricolor team in the next qualifying window for the Basketball World Cup, on August 25 and 29, against the squads of Panama and Venezuela.

The expectations regarding his first participation with the 10 letters of the Dominican Republic on his chest are very high; his popularity among the fans is through the roof and due to his playing ability demonstrated in his first season in the NBA, compared to the rivals he will face in the next window, he could be considered the best player in this round, including the rivals of Panama and Venezuela.

“I know that everyone knows that I am in the NBA, but I do not let this affect me, I know the ability I have on the court, but I will not let it affect my head negatively, I only intend to continue representing the country and my family. whenever I can”, said Duarte regarding his first performance with the Dominican team.

Duarte, who has not had contact on the court with his teammates from the national team, said he felt happy and anxious for that moment and also said that he is willing to learn from them and be able to help each one as much as he can.

In the same way, he is aware that it will be a great challenge to adapt to the FIBA ​​system, but he trusts that his teammates and the leadership part of the team will help him to do it successfully.

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Horford and Towns

When asked if he has had contact with the NBA stars, Al Horford and Karl Towns, about the next window with the Dominican Republic, Duarte said that he does not consider himself the right person to deal with the subject, understanding that both are players with a lot of time. in the league, with a lot of responsibility in their respective teams.

Likewise, he thanked each one for the good treatment they have given him and for all the good precise advice they extended to him during the past season in the league.

On Rick Carlisle and the Pacers

The Puerto Plata native gave a lot of credit to his manager, Rick Carlisle, for the good performance last season with the Pacers, and said that they established a very nice relationship on and off the court.

“Carlisle is among the best strategists in the league today, it is a privilege to play for him and I felt very grateful for the chemistry created and all his teachings as a player and as a person,” added Duarte.

The manager himself, who was NBA champion as a player for the Celtics in 1986 and as a manager with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, stated on several occasions during the campaign what Duarte represented for the long-term franchise and congratulated him on the way in which he adapted to the rhythm of the game in the league.

The Dominican said that currently the Pacers organization works directly with him, so that he becomes a leader within the team and the city, especially growing as a person in different aspects off the court.

“Being in the NBA implies many things and thank God the Pacers are giving me the opportunity to learn more every day to be a better person and they have let me know the commitment I have with the city of Indiana”, he concluded.

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