ChocQuibTown: “Sometimes we all have hot dogs and Michelin on the same album”

ChocQuibTown got an album released in the middle of the pandemic and that they could not present as it deserved on the stage, to sweep and be double platinum in the US, but now they want to remove that thorn with "Brunette", a song "disco girl", which extols women and vindicates their Afro-Latin roots.

"’Morena’ is a song that for us means starting, opening the doors after the pandemic. It is like a process that we needed to get closer with our fans, to meet again"says Goyo, the singer of the Colombian group, in a virtual interview with Efe.

His latest album, "ChocQuib House", which includes collaborations with artists such as Becky G, Rawl Alejandro or Farruko, came out in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, but they decided to launch it to share a bit of their home with their followers.

"Now that the process is a little more open, that you feel the feeling that everything has returned to normality, let’s go with ‘Morena’", relates Tostao, one of the two male voices of ChocQuibTown.

So they decided on a song "happy", which claims love at first sight, with words "pretty" towards falling in love and what "talks about coconut water and how it cools your throat"Goyo points out, in an element that transports to the Colombian Pacific where ChocQuibTown comes from.

They like that I made them dance and "how women are celebrated in some way, no matter what type of woman they are, the important thing is that women are being honored", says Goyo.


The song, in which the Colombians Lil Silvio and El Vega and the Dominican La Ross María collaborate, It is the first single from a future new album, although Chocoanos don’t want to talk about an album yet.

"I still don’t like to talk about an album, what I would like to tell people is that there is a lot of music coming. I don’t know if we’re all going to deliver it to you in one album at the same time, but get ready to receive a lot of music from ChocQuibTown", says Tostao.

Will be "a diverse album" where they don’t want "repeat formulas". Goyo says that many fans ask him "something like ‘I come from dove’ or ‘We are Pacific’", but for them, that is already done, they want something new.

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"We get carried away a lot by what flows to us at the moment, how we want to present our musical world"says the vocalist and producer.

Experiment, mix rhythms, get out of that initial rap and move through other urban rhythms or the popular one "afrobeat", always with the drum in the background to claim that they are "proud descendants of Africa".

"In a country of immigrants where we now live (USA), we see how each one brings their line of representation and we all finally come together in the same dynamic, as Latinos, as Hispanics, on the ‘beat’, on the drum"explains Tostao.

As an Afro-Latino group they say that racism in music "it is not a personal experience, but something that exists and is not in doubt" and it is something that they point out in their recent collaboration with Amazon "Genre 101: Latino Afrobeats", a tour of the "afro vibes" of Latin music.


In that mix of styles they are looking for, they think they fit so much "hot dogs" as Michelin stars, they say referring to the controversy between J Balvin and Residente, when the latter criticized the Colombian for calling for a boycott of the Latin Grammys and comparing his music to a "hot dog cart", when there are singers who make Michelin star music.

"You don’t get up at 6 in the morning wanting to eat a ‘hot dog’ (…), but you want to eat something soft so you put Mozart, something cool that helps you start on Monday"Tostao points out.

"But on Friday at 12 o’clock at night -he continues-, you are in a club, give you a ‘hot dog’!". Then, "it is about unity; Some make ‘hot dogs’, others ‘Michelin rebaits’ and sometimes we all have ‘hot dogs’ and Michelin on the same album".

So, the couple exclaims in unison: "Anything goes in this sausage sandwich!".

Far from controversy and with the special touch that characterizes them, Goyo jokes: In Chocó where she was born, in the north of the Colombian Pacific, there was no "hot dogs"So if she has to decide, she sticks with the traditional cheesy banana.


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