Chivas wants to close a star signing: Alan Pulido

He Guadalajara Sports Club, popularly known as Chivas, has achieved a historic victory this weekend by defeating América at the Azteca Stadium. The team led by Troadio Paunovic showed absolute control on the pitch and knew how to take advantage of the expulsion of Álvaro Fidalgo from América to launch the attack and achieve a memorable comeback. After this triumph, Chivas’ eyes are now focused on the final, where they will face Siboldi’s Tigres.

The objective of the team is to maintain the good momentum and raise the champion’s trophy. However, the board headed by Fernando Hierro is already planning the movements to be made in the next summer market.

Chivas wants to close a star signing: Alan Pulido

The sports director, who has an outstanding career as a former coach of the Spanish National Team, identifies the lack of a weight striker in Paunovic’s current squad.

In this sense, the main objective is to repatriate Alan Pulido, who currently plays in the MLS. Sources close to Chivas have revealed that there is a real possibility that Alan will return to the team. Hierro is aware that the Mexican forward is not completely satisfied in the US league and, with just over six months left on his contract, his arrival as a free agent in the winter market seems almost certain. However, the Chivas board of directors does not want to wait and is willing to speed up the efforts to ensure the return of Pulido in this same transfer period.

For this, they will negotiate with Sporting Kansas City, the club that owns the player’s rights, to achieve his transfer. The release of a franchise player position would be attractive for the team, since it would allow them to seek the signing of an elite player. The possible return of Alan Pulido to Chivas would generate great expectations among the fans, since the striker left an important mark during his first spell with the team.

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His experience and quality on the pitch would be a significant contribution to the rojiblanco team in their quest to continue reaping success. The summer market is presented as a key period for Club Deportivo Guadalajara, where they will seek to strengthen their squad with a view to future competitions. The arrival of Pulido, if it materializes, would be an important step in the construction of a competitive team and aspiring to more titles in Mexican soccer.

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