Chinese propaganda shows in a video how their soldiers are preparing for a war with Taiwan

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (EPL) He stepped up his warmongering rhetoric against Taiwan again with the release of a propaganda video showing soldiers preparing for a conflict in what appears to be the Taiwan Strait. The one-and-a-half-minute video, posted Thursday on the Eastern Theater Command’s official WeChat account, is titled “read the strait” and shows soldiers in combat gear doing push-ups under the waves, e.g Tank battalion drives into the sunset and the troops running up the sandy beaches past the landing barricades similar to those dotted along the coast of Taiwan.

The video is accompanied by a catchy balladwith lyrics like “Go through the city gate and the high wall and take the freer way”, “Don’t be afraid” and “We went around the mountain to meet the setting sun”.

There is no direct mention of Taiwan in either the video or the WeChat post, the Guardian says. But Eastern Theater Command, A division of the People’s Liberation Army is based on China’s east coast and is responsible for the Taiwan Strait. It’s the military department that regularly holds drills around the autonomous island of Taiwan, which Beijing claims as part of its territory.

State media and the PLA often publish propaganda materials on army modernization and videos of military exercises. In early August, Beijing released a documentary about the army preparing to attack Taiwan. It shows soldiers promising to sacrifice their lives if necessary. “pursue dreams”an eight-episode documentary aired by state broadcaster CCTV earlier this week to mark the 96th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army includes military drills and testimony from Dozens of soldiers, several of whom have expressed willingness to die in a possible attack on Taiwan.

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