Chinese President Xi Jinping has been diagnosed with a mental illness after Russian President Vladimir Putin fell ill.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping is suffering from cerebral palsy and had to be hospitalized late last year.

“Xi Jinping prefers traditional Chinese medicine to surgery to cure the disease,” he said.

Unlike surgery, traditional Chinese medicine softens blood vessels and constricts aneurysms.

It should be noted that these speculations about the health of the Chinese President started when he avoided meeting with foreign leaders from the beginning of the outbreak of the global Corona epidemic till the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing.

Even before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in 2019, the Chinese president was seen limping and leaning back during his visit to Italy.

Similarly, in October 2020, speculation was rife that Xi Jinping’s health was deteriorating due to his late arrival in Shenzhen to address the public, speaking softly and coughing.

What type of disease is ‘cerebral aneurysm’?

According to the Johns Hopkins Medicine Center, this is a bubble created by an abnormal dilation of an artery in the brain caused by a weakening of the inner muscle layer in the blood vessel wall in the brain.

This disease is also called ‘brain aneurysm’ or ‘intracranial aneurysm’.

Cerebral aneurysms, such as blisters, can shrink again and explode suddenly.