Chinese hackers exploited a Microsoft bug to access an American congressman’s email

Don Bacon, Republican Congressman from Nebraska, It says that their emails were hacked as part of an alleged Chinese espionage campaign that exploited a “vulnerability” in Microsoft software.

The congressman believes his anti-Chinese Communist Party views and public support for Taiwan have made him one priority target.

Bacon shared the news on Twitter on Tuesday and explained as much He received a tip from the FBI that Chinese hackers had accessed his emails personal and campaign campaigns between May 15 and June 16 of this year.

“CCP (Chinese Communist Party) hackers exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft software, and this was not due to ‘user error.'”Bacon wrote.

Bacon believes the hackers may have accessed emails revealing political strategies, fundraising and personal banking information. However, Bacon refrained from discussing sensitive matters related to China or Taiwan via email.

Last month, Microsoft published a blog post admitting that a China-based threat actor named “Storm-0558” gained access to the emails of “approximately 25 organizations in the public cloud.” These organizations also included government agencies.

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