China’s blunt response to America

Beijing: China has demanded the US to correct its behavior and show sincerity in military negotiations.

According to a media report, in a press briefing, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mouning, urged the United States to immediately correct the wrong behavior and show sincerity for dialogue and communication between the forces of the two countries.

Answering a question during the press briefing, Mao said that the US knows that China and the US are facing difficulties in military negotiations.

Mao urged the US to seriously respect China’s sovereignty, security and interests concerns and immediately correct wrongdoings as well as create favorable conditions for dialogue between Chinese and US forces.

It should be noted that in the statement issued by the US Department of Defense Pentagon to the US newspaper, it was said that the US had begun this month on the occasion of the security forum meeting between Defense Minister Lloyd Austin and his Chinese counterpart Li Singfu in Singapore. A meeting was requested.

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