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China’s big step in writing for 7-year-olds

Beijing: Written exams for 7-year-olds banned in China

According to the details, under the ongoing reforms in the education sector in China, students from 6 to 7 years of age have been banned from taking written exams.

The Chinese Ministry of Education says the ban on written exams for 6- to 7-year-old students is aimed at relieving them of undue pressure. Are

According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, junior high schools will allow mid-term, silent exams, while in other years of compulsory education, the exams will be limited to one term only.

In July, all private tutoring firms in China were ordered to be non-profit, while in Beijing last week, school teachers were rotated every six years to prevent the concentration of high-skilled teachers in one place. Was ordered.

On the other hand, in China earlier this year, first and second grade written homework and junior high school students were banned from being given more than an hour and a half of homework.


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