‘China will have 700 nuclear bombs in 6 years’, Pentagon report shocked the world

Image source: AP / PTI
Chinese President Xi Jinping

Pentagon Washington. A report released Wednesday by the US Defense Department said China is increasing its nuclear power faster than US officials estimated a year ago. Along with this, the report said that China plans to be able to reach or surpass the global power of the United States by mid-century.

According to the report, within six years the number of Chinese nuclear weapons could rise to 700 and by 2030 this number could be above 1,000. However, the report does not say how many weapons China currently has. But a year ago, the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, said its number of nuclear weapons was less than 200 and was projected to double by the end of this decade.

The United States currently has 3,750 nuclear warheads and has no plans to increase them. In 2003, the total number of US nuclear weapons was about 10,000. The Biden administration is conducting a comprehensive review of its nuclear policy.

The Pentagon report is based on information collected up to December 2020 and therefore does not include the concerns that General Mark Milley raised last month about tests of Chinese hypersonic weapons.


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