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China warns Taiwan that arms purchases from the US will bring the island “to the brink of war”.

China warns Taiwan that arms purchases from the US will bring the island “to the brink of war”.

China Taiwan’s ruling party warned today that its arms purchases from the United States would bring the island “only to the brink of war” and “bring nothing but disaster” to the territory’s residents. Spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council (the Chinese executive branch), Chen Binhua, denounced in a press conference that since the Democratic Progressive Party (PDP, in power since 2016) came to power, the island’s budget and defense spending have increased has not stopped growing, reports Efe.

According to the spokesman, who quoted press articles, between 2020 and 2022 Taiwan was the first buyer of U.S. weapons and its defense budget for next year will already be double what it was eight years ago. “We solemnly warn the DPP authorities that any act of violent pursuit of ‘independence’ will not change our firm commitment to resolving the Taiwan issue and achieving the full reunification of China,” Chen said.

Taiwan plans to increase its defense spending by 3.5% to 606.8 billion Taiwan dollars ($19 billion, 17.41 billion euros) in 2024, according to details of the government’s draft budget released last August. This would be the highest amount Taiwan has ever allocated to defense and would be equivalent to about 2.5% of GDP.

Now it is Military tensions in the Taiwan Strait continue to rise with a new naval operation Chinese Navythat was deployed in the last few hours 35 fighter aircraft (with the J-16, Su-30 and Shaanxi KJ-500 models) and 27 warships which were discovered by the island’s Ministry of Defense. It’s noisy Taipeifrom one of Beijing’s largest maneuvers in the Western Pacific, which also includes the mobilization of the Shandong aircraft carrier groupand two surface task forces that transited the Philippine Sea east of Taiwan to conduct unprecedented unscheduled military exercises.

The Taiwanese Armed Forces They responded immediately to Chinese incursions into the United States Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), This corresponds to a country’s airspace plus an additional perimeter where air traffic is monitored by the armed forces to provide additional response time in the event of an attack. Taipei has mobilized air force, navy and ground missile systems, the Defense Ministry reported, local press said.

The aim is to expand Chinese military exercises Cause confusion and desensitize Taiwanese residents and authoritiesmaking it harder to detect a real invasion.

He Shandong aircraft carrier – the second of China’s two aircraft carriers and the first to be entirely built in the country – is taking part in the ongoing operation to unite 20 warships in the waters between Taiwan, the Philippines and the US territory of Guam in the western Pacific. On Monday it passed 111 kilometers southeast of Oluanpi, the southernmost tip of Taiwan.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense, in turn, reported the passage of six missile destroyers and two Chinese frigates through the Miyako Strait south of Okinawa towards the aircraft carrier Shandong.

Beijing’s maneuvers follow a simulation exercise conducted last week by the U.S. Navy in the East China Sea alongside naval teams from Japan and Canada, which included the passage of a U.S. destroyer and a Canadian frigate through the Taiwan Strait. Taiwanese experts believe that these Western exercises in the waters of the strait, which China usually describes as provocations, gave rise to these new maneuvers by China. This is also something to remember The United States and Indonesia are conducting a joint exercise with 19 nations.

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