China wants to deflect potentially dangerous asteroid with missiles

China wants to intervene in the asteroid Bennu, which could hit Earth in a hundred years. They plan to send missiles to this celestial body to deflect its trajectory.

In order not to let future generations be surprised by this possible scenario, the Chinese space force plans to send 992-ton rockets of the 5th Long March, which are also widely used by the Asian country. Thus, it would take at least 23 of these launchers sent at the same time to manage to deflect the asteroid’s trajectory some 9,000 kilometers from its planned route and away from Earth.

For now, NASA estimates that the asteroid poses a low danger, as according to calculations, the probability of an impact is 1/2700 and that between the years 2175 and 2199. If this catastrophic scenario has very little However, the result would be disastrous due to the kinetic energy of the impact between Benny and Earth estimated at 1200 megatons. What would represent a power 80,000 times greater than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, as explained by future science.

No date has been announced by China, but next November, an identical mission was scheduled by NASA and ESA (European Space Agency). Its target is an asteroid in the Didymos system, which is 11 million km from our planet. Space agencies hope to analyze “the effect of this impact on the object’s trajectory.”

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