China: There are military bases of China in these countries of the world, one is very close to Kashmir, see the full list here

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Foreign Military Bases of China


  • China built military bases in many countries
  • Army presence in Tajikistan
  • Naval base also built in Solomon Islands

China Foreign Military Bases: The military bases of any country abroad itself testify to its military might and reach. This is the reason why all the countries of the world appear desperate to build their military bases in other countries. America has the largest number of military bases abroad. Britain is in second place and France in third place. These countries are already military and economic superpowers. At present, since now China is also beating its feet to make itself a superpower, so it is also competing to build military bases abroad. It is trying its best to press countries under its thumb by trapping them in debt trap.

First, China implicates poor and middle-income countries by giving a lot of debt and then when that country is not in a position to repay the debt, then taking advantage of its compulsion, makes its military base there. Recently this thing has been seen on the Solomon Islands. China first gives a lot of debt to a country to make it its slave and then builds its military base there. He tries to put pressure on his enemies India and America by building more and more military bases abroad. So let us now know in which countries these military bases of China are located.


China has established a military post in Gorno-Badakhshan, located in the southeast of the Central Asian country of Tajikistan. This military base of China was revealed in 2019. After this, the Washington Post published a news saying that the Chinese army is present in Tajikistan. He made this claim based on photographs and interviews. This base is located just a few miles away from the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan. However, neither China nor Tajikistan has officially accepted it. The Wakhan Corridor connects Afghanistan with Kashmir. However, India does not have direct ground level connectivity with Afghanistan due to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The Wakhan Corridor is bordered by Tajikistan to the north, Pakistan to the south and China to the east. Both Pakistan and China want to assert their authority on this corridor but Taliban is not ready for this.


China took the Reem Naval Base on the Gulf of Taiwan in Cambodia on a 99-year lease. Which used to be a US military base until 2010. China grabbed this naval base in Liu by giving a loan to Cambodia. From here he can keep an eye on his arch enemy Vietnam. If given a chance, China can also encircle Vietnam in the sea. Apart from this, it can also increase its presence in the South China Sea. From here the Chinese army can keep an eye on the warships of enemy countries in the Straits of Malacca. Not only this, India’s strategically important Andaman and Nicobar military base is also just 1200 kilometers away from here. In such a situation, China can attack Andaman and Nicobar of India directly from its naval base in the event of war.

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China also has a naval base in the African country of Djibouti. The work on its construction started in the year 2001, which has now been completed. China has started its military activities in the Indian Ocean from here. It is also China’s first military base. Some recently released satellite images have shown that China has started erecting its warships in Djibouti. However, China had taken it on lease as a support base before the construction work started. But it was built as a military fort, where it would not be easy for any country in the world to attack. China can keep an eye on India from here.

Solomon Islands

China recently signed an agreement with the Pacific Ocean country of the Solomon Islands. He had given a huge amount of money to this country, which it failed to pay. Because of this, China gained its control over the Solomon government. It was only two days ago, when a US Army warship was refused entry to the Solomon Islands military base. Due to this it is being suspected that the Chinese army has reached the Solomon Islands. Australia, New Zealand and the US have been saying since the beginning that China wants to rule the Pacific Ocean by building its naval base in the Solomons. However, China has always denied such claims.

These countries can also have military bases

There is a apprehension that there is a Chinese army in many other countries of the world, which people have little knowledge of. Chinese forces can be present in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Maldives, Chad and Mexico. However, China does not have permanent military bases in these countries. The Chinese army carries out its mission by staying at their military bases with the army of this country.

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