China reinstates ending of ‘Fight Club’ film after uproar over changing it

David Fincher’s cult film "Fight club"with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and whose retouched ending in China aroused the outrage of moviegoers, can now be seen in the country in its original version.

The communist regime only authorizes the screening of a few foreign films each year and the censorship authorities do not hesitate to suppress scenes they consider subversive.

But the end of "Fight club" was totally redone, more than two decades after its world premiere in 1999.

Last month, moviegoers from the Asian giant were surprised that the version broadcast on the Tencent Video platform was the opposite of the initial story.

In the film, the narrator played by Norton kills his imaginary alter ego (Pitt) and then watches the skyscraper explode, the destruction of the modern world dreamed of by the hero.

The first version screened in China ended just before with a black screen and a text where you could read: "The police dismantled the project and arrested all the criminals, which prevented the explosion of the bombs".

The text also noted that Pitt’s character was interned in "an asylum for the insane".

Tencent did not comment on the restoration of the original version.

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