China News: Pakistan’s friend China is committing atrocities on Muslims, sexual harassment in detention centers, forced sterilization, the report will surprise

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  • Lakhs of Muslims are imprisoned in detention centers
  • Inhuman torture including sexual harassment in detention centers
  • Uighur Muslims are forced into sterilization

China News: China has become a headache for the whole world. At the same time, inhuman atrocities are happening inside his country too. Muslims are not safe in China. Their condition is worse. Uighur Muslims have been severely persecuted in the Xinjiang province of China. The report of the United Nation, which was awaited for a long time, has been released. In the report, the UN accused China of “serious human rights violations”. The report claims that Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities are being persecuted in China. However, China has been shying away from these news. In the UN report, investigators have found evidence that is like a crime against humanity.

China had stopped the long-awaited report of atrocities on Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province. China did not want this report to be released and the world should know about its actions. This was the reason why China had requested the UN not to release this report. He had already termed it as a ‘tamasha’ of Western powers. Now the UN investigation report has exposed China’s Xi Jinping government. That report said China is using vague national security laws to repress minorities and has established an “arbitrary prison system”.

Inhuman torture including sexual harassment in detention centers

A report from the office of the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights said that Uighur Muslim prisoners are subjected to inhumane torture in detention centers built in China. These also include ‘sexual harassment and gender-based violence’.

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Uighur Muslims are forced into sterilization

The UN has also told in its report that those kept in detention centers

Uighur Muslims are forcibly given medicines. They are subjected to a discriminatory policy of family planning and birth control policies. The UN has appealed to China’s discriminatory policy and torture on Uighur Muslims to rein in it. According to the UN, some of China’s actions fall under the category of international crimes. The UN report has even indicated that some of China’s actions fall under the category of “international crimes, including crimes against humanity”.

Lakhs of Muslims are imprisoned in detention centers

China keeps everything so hidden that many information about such atrocities does not come out. The United Nations itself has said in its report that it cannot say with certainty how many people have been kept in detention centers. However, human rights groups estimate that more than one million people are being held in detention centers in the north-east of China’s Xinjiang province alone. There they are subjected to inhuman torture.

Many countries have expressed concern over the atrocities on Uighur Muslims of China

The atrocities on Uighur Muslims in China have been termed as genocide by many countries. However, China sometimes ignores such allegations and sometimes denies it. He describes Muslim prisoner camps as a tool to fight terrorism. The UN report was already known to China, so it requested not to release it. Therefore, after a long wait, this UN report has been released.

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