China News: Drought in China, showing eyes to Taiwan, dragons in worst phase of 144 years due to scorching heat

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  • 66 rivers, including the Yangtze, almost dried up
  • fire raining from the sky
  • 60 percent less rain this year in Chongqing region

China News: China, which shows its eyes to Taiwan, is in an uproar due to the scorching heat. The situation is that China has reached the worst phase of 144 years of scorching heat. Considered the lifeline of China, 66 rivers, including the largest Yangtze, have almost dried up. On the other hand, fire is raining from the sky as well. That is, it is getting record heat. In this regard, China’s Ministry of Water Resources says that the water level in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River has reached its lowest level. This is the river through which more than half of the population gets drinking water. Apart from this, the work of hydropower, transport is also done with the water of this river. China’s agriculture is also dependent on the irrigation of the water of this river.

Why did China have such a situation?

The Wall Street General has released a report regarding this. According to this, China has received 40% less rain this time. This is the lowest since 1961. The heat is rising continuously from above. The temperature reached 49 degree Celsius in many cities of China.

Due to the heat, the consumption of electricity also increased, then the production of electricity generated from hydropower decreased. The heat has also affected agriculture. The demand for water for agriculture has increased. More water was taken from the rivers for irrigation. Due to this, China’s largest river Yangtze has completely dried up in many places. Its size has also reduced considerably. Apart from this, 66 other rivers have also completely dried up.

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In which provinces the situation is worse?

A severe drought this year in China’s Jiangxi province has shrunk the size of Lake Poyang to a quarter. At the same time, the Chongqing region has received 60 percent less rainfall this year. The temperature in Bybe district, north of Chongqing, has crossed 45 degrees Celsius.

66 rivers in 34 provinces of China dried up

About half a dozen of the hottest places in China are in Chongqing. The situation here has become worse due to the scorching heat. The forests are on fire. About 66 rivers in 34 provinces of southwest China have dried up due to the scorching heat. The situation is similar in Sichuan and Hubei provinces as well. People here are also facing a lot of difficulties for drinking water.

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