China is more ‘environmentally friendly’ in hydrogen production than Europe and the US.

THE Porcelain it is currently one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. Here, the cost of producing electric batteries and electric mobility solutions is very low compared to other markets and nations. However, this nation also has its attentions on the Hydrogen as an alternative to existing mobility solutions and electric vehicles.

It is in this country where a large part of the world’s production of electronic products is concentrated and where we already have a good part of the world’s production of electric cars. In fact, according to a new study, the production of electrical solutions in China costs only a third of what it costs in Europe and the United States of America.

China leads new race for hydrogen production technology


According to the new indicators, the study recently carried out by the BloombergNEF company, China leads the hydrogen race, not only in patents and technology, but also in ecology. With the mass production of this component well advanced, the country is now committed to the efficiency and cleanliness of the entire process to ensure an ecologically efficient activity.

Production is much cheaper in China than in the US and Europe

Countries are recognizing the value of putting a price on carbon as a means of achieving their climate goals, but mass adoption of carbon markets is still a long way off. Here are five charts on the untapped potential of global carbon markets.🧵⬇️

—BloombergNEF (@BloombergNEF) September 19, 2022

According to the latest data, China could be the key to mass production, cleaner and greener hydrogen solutions. The problem is the cost of alkaline electrolysis in China, around $343 per kilowatt. According to the study in question, the cost of the same process in Europe and the United States of America is around 1,200 dollars per kilowatt.

In short, the production of hydrogen, for future use in electric cars, for example, turns out to be much cheaper in China. In fact, we can say that its production in Europe and the USA costs up to four times more.

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Note that hydrogen production is accomplished by passing an electrical charge through water molecules, separating hydrogen from oxygen, the two components of water (H2O).

High electricity prices in Europe and the US give China an advantage in the hydrogen race

More ambition is needed to make a real impact. We believe that a well-functioning carbon market, or ‘Olympic reservoir’, is both broad and deep. It must have ambitious emission reduction targets and a wide scope to enable further decarbonisation, which no carbon market has yet achieved.

—BloombergNEF (@BloombergNEF) September 19, 2022

However, according to the same source, there is still a long way to go before large nations like China reduce their carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In this sense, the commitment to hydrogen, capable of powering everything from electric cars to factories and production lines, could be crucial in this effort.

Finally, we recall the objective of reducing carbon emissions by 30% by 2025, a commitment assumed by the main industrialized nations. In light of the above, China’s future as the world’s greatest power looks increasingly secure against Europe and the United States of America from now on.

Carbon prices remain too low to have a material impact. The World Bank estimates that $50-100 per metric ton of CO2 is required by 2030 to meet the temperature goals of the Paris Agreement. Only the EU, UK and New Zealand currently have carbon prices in or above this range.

—BloombergNEF (@BloombergNEF) September 19, 2022

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