China has won the war against the Corona

BEIJING: China has made great strides in tackling the latest wave of the global coronavirus.

According to media reports, National Health Commission spokesman Mei Feng told a press conference in Beijing that the number of cases being transferred locally across the country has been declining for 11 consecutive days.

Mei Feng said further efforts to curb import cases and address shortcomings have been effective, reducing the number of medium- and high-risk areas to 38.

China had earlier this month decided to test the entire population of Wuhan city for corona testing due to the growing delta virus, with seven cases of corona reported to be the main reason for the decision to conduct mass corona testing in Wuhan.

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According to officials, these cases of corona were discovered among workers coming to work in Wuhan from abroad, which broke the flow of corona cases at the local level during the last one year.

It should be noted that 22 new cases of corona were reported in China 19 days ago but they were not confirmed. However, it was a good sign that no deaths occurred during this period.

It may be recalled that since the onset of the global epidemic on August 26, 2012, about 98,000 cases have been reported in China, of which 88,000 have fully recovered and 4,636 have died.


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