China: Guilin, a timeless region

For the Chinese, it’s heaven on earth. Guilinbeautiful and mysterious in the early morning, with its thousands of sugar loaves. To immerse yourself in this postcard landscape, in all seasons, cruises follow one another on the Li River. In raft, crossing the cormorants, the tourists marvel. I am captivated by the strange beauty of nature. China is so beautiful“, says a tourist. I had never seen a place like it, except in Chinese painting“, remarks a man. A China of another era. Besides, Guilin is transformed in places into a huge photo studio, surrounded by nature.

100 million visitors

Not surprising that Guilin has become an obligatory passage anchored in the collective imagination, because this place, since the 10th century, has inspired poets and painters. When you go inland, the landscapes are transformed. 1,000 meters of vertical drop, these rice fields of Longji (southwest China)literally the scales of the dragon, are among the largest in Asia, formed five centuries ago. In this region out of time, the inhabitants still live from agriculture and fishing, and above all from tourism. Each year, this region of Guilinlisted as a world heritage site, attracts 100 million visitors.

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