China: cosmetic surgery, a new tool for finding a job

In China, men increasingly prefer cosmetic surgery to increase their chances of looking for a job.

Xia Shurong is not yet thirty, but is already preparing for her second cosmetic surgery operation. This time he wants a sharper nose. “It’s like my first operation, it’s under anesthesia, I’m not nervous at all”, he confides, heading to the operating room. Like him, Nai Wen, actor and model, did not hesitate to undergo plastic surgery, but underwent sixty operations. “It changed my destiny, you can’t say I was ugly before, but my appearance was very common.”, guarantees the thirty something.

In Beijing and major Chinese cities, more and more men are pushing the doors of dedicated clinics. They want lighter skin, bigger eyes, a more pronounced nose. Many are influenced by social media. “In the last two years, the number of operations on men has increased, and also for skin care”, confirms a surgeon. And for good reason, many people think that cosmetic surgery can bring them “more opportunities” in the workforce. In China, 17% of men in the management profession have used it.

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