China and the United States will cooperate to reduce their emissions this decade

The US and China announced yesterday at COP26, in a joint statement, their commitment to “strengthen climate action” in the current decade, in order to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

“We are committed to strengthening climate action in the 2020s […] to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement”, announced the Chinese negotiator at a press conference, Xie Zhenhua. The declaration of both powers recognizes that there is a “gap between current efforts and the objectives” of the Paris Agreement to prevent temperatures at the end of the century. rise more than 2 °C and try to limit the high to 1.5 °C, he added.

The announcement comes two days before negotiations for the Climate Summit in Glasgow, where it is intended to complete the establishment of the rules for the 2015 Paris Agreement.

In the text, they recognize “the urgency and gravity of the climate crisis” and commit “individually, together and with other countries during this decisive decade, according to different national circumstances”, to work to avoid the “catastrophic effects” of crisis.

The announcement comes two days after the conclusion of negotiations for the Climate Summit in Glasgow on Friday, which aims to develop the 2015 Paris Agreement

This contemplates “accelerating the green and low carbon transition and climate technology innovation” towards “a global zero net emissions economy” and, to that end, they will continue to engage in much dialogue in the COP26 “As beyond” in “concrete actions”.

To that end, they will cooperate “on regulatory frameworks and environmental standards” through 2030 and in developing “policies to promote decarbonization and the electrification“As well as promoting” the circular economy”, “the ecological design and the use of renewable resources ​​”, in addition to the implementation of capture and store of COtwo.

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Cooperation between world powers

To reduce CO emissionstwo, China, first issuer of carbon dioxide, and USA, the second, express your intention to collaborate policies to integrate “a high proportion of renewable energy”.

They refer to solar energy, storage and “other clean energy solutions” as well as “energy efficiency standards” and note that the United States will maintain its goal of “achieving 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035” in the meantime China will “do everything possible” to “gradually reduce coal consumption”.

Beijing and Washington also refer to the “important role that methane emissions play in increasing temperatures” and intend to reduce them in the current decade.
They declare their intention to develop “additional measures to improve control” of these emissions before the 2022 climate conference.

The United States announced during the Glasgow climate summit its intention to reduce your methane emissions at least 30% by 2030 and China is now committed to developing a “comprehensive and ambitious” plan to “achieve a significant effect on controlling and reducing methane emissions by 2020”.

Washington and Beijing also recognize that “eliminating the logging global illegality would contribute significantly to the effort to achieve the Paris goals. “Therefore, they highlight the intention to collaborate “to support the elimination” of this practice “through the effective application of their respective legislation on the prohibition of illegal imports”.

Finally, they support “an ambitious, balanced and inclusive outcome on mitigation, adaptation and support” at COP26 that sends “a clear signal” to the parties to the Paris Agreement.


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