China America: America gave another blow to China, kept watching ‘dragon’, know what is the matter

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American Warship


  • ‘Tension erupts due to US officials’ visit to Taiwan’
  • China has been claiming the strait
  • China works on policy of intimidation: White House Office

After the visit of US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi, America has given another blow to China. Actually, the US Navy has made China realize its power by passing its two warships through the Taiwan Strait. Two guided-missile cruisers, USS Antietam and USS Chancellorsville, are reported to have demonstrated freedom of navigation through international waters.

‘Tension erupts due to US officials’ visit to Taiwan’

The US Navy has issued a statement in this regard. The statement said that passing through the Strait of Taiwan demonstrates America’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific. One after another visit by US officials and politicians to Taiwan has sparked a renewed tension between China and the US.

China has been claiming the strait

This strait is 110 miles. Which separates Taiwan from mainland China. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan and regards it as its strait, despite the ruling Communist Party of China never controlling the island. However, the US Navy said that most of the strait is in international waters.

China works on policy of intimidation: White House Office

The White House, the office of US President Joe Biden, said last week that China’s “intimidation and use of force” on Taiwan following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was fundamentally contrary to the goal of peace and stability. The US will take ‘calm and firm’ steps to support the self-governing island. China’s ruling Communist Party has long claimed sovereignty over Taiwan. However, Beijing insists that its current “one-China principle” would prevent foreign government officials from setting foot on the island. But when America’s warships passed through the strait, China kept watching.

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After Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army of China declared war on Taiwan from August 4 to 7. Later, the Chinese military increased combat exercises around Taiwan. Because Beijing views Taiwan as a rebel province, which it believes should be reunited with the mainland through war. China had warned that Beijing would hold regular warfare exercises as a new normal to enforce its ‘one-China principle’.

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