China adds 890 new cases of covid, 843 of them due to local contagion

The National Health Commission of China reported today the detection of 890 new positives for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus on the eve, 843 of them due to local contagion in places such as Canton (southeast, 319), Inner Mongolia (north, 159), Chongqing (center, 89), Henan (center, 86) or Beijing (31).

Health authorities also reported today the detection of 6,801 asymptomatic cases, 6,632 by local contagion, although Beijing does not count them as confirmed cases unless they show symptoms.

The total of this type of infections under observation is 41,031, of which 1,170 come from other territories.

The remaining 47 symptomatic cases were found among travelers from abroad at various points of entry into the country.

China, which applies a severe policy of "zero tolerance" towards the new coronavirus, it has suffered in recent months waves of outbreaks attributed to the omicron variant that have caused record numbers of infections not seen since the start of the pandemic in the first half of 2020.

The National Health Commission also detailed that, until last local midnight (4:00 p.m. GMT on Monday), 263 patients were discharged after successfully overcoming covid.

The total number of active infected with symptoms in mainland China amounts to 7,244, 30 of whom are serious.

According to the institution’s accounts, since the start of the pandemic, 265,013 people have been infected in the country and 5,226 have died, although the total number of infected people excludes asymptomatic people.

To date, medical follow-up has been carried out on more than 8.4 million close contacts with those infected, of which 678,615 are still under observation.

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