China accuses the US of turning Taiwan into a

China has assured this Wednesday that the United States would be willing to leave Taiwan to its fate after several months, turning the island into a “minefield” and make her a kind of “pawn” to contain Beijing.

The island is nothing more than a pawn in the US strategy to contain China and can be discarded at any time.“, said the spokeswoman for the Office for Taiwan Affairs of the State Council, Zhu Fenglian, who has accused Washington of having worsened the situation in recent months.

In this sense, he has criticized the double standards of the US authorities, who at the same time that “they fill their mouths talking about peace and stability” have not stopped sending weapons to Taiwan.

Zhu has made reference to information published by the news portal The Messenger, in which, based on a US intelligence source, Washington would have devised an evacuation plan for its citizens that has accelerated in recent months due to to the high level of tension of recent dates.

If a war breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, the island will become a battlefield and the people there will end up as cannon fodder, but the Americans will just leave,” Zhu said, calling on thes “countrymen” Taiwanese who know how to discern whether the authorities are acting in the interests of the local population.

“I think most people in Taiwan will have a clear understanding of whether the United States is supporting Taiwan or harming it, and whether the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) authorities are protecting the island or causing a disaster,” he said. said, according to the Chinese newspaper ‘Global Times’.

In this sense, the spokeswoman has accused the United States of trying to leave a scenario on the island similar to that of Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan, where they left “division” and “devastation” in their wake.

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These statements come at a time of apparent rapprochement between Washington and Beijing, after the call to bring the positions of the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and the Chinese Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, closer together, and the arrival scheduled for this Friday in China of the chief of White House diplomacy.

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