China: 90% of the inhabitants of a province infected with Covid-19

Figures that make you dizzy. Nearly 90% of the inhabitants of Henan, one of the most populous provinces in China, have been infected with Covid-19, an official from the regional health authorities said on Monday January 9. Based on this percentage, some 88.5 million people would have already contracted Covid, out of the nearly 100 million inhabitants of the province.

This contamination comes at a time when the country is facing an unprecedented rebound in positive cases. After three years of some of the most draconian restrictions in the world, China last month abruptly lifted most of its health measures against the coronavirus. The number of patients has grown exponentially, while the health system finds itself overwhelmed with elderly patients and crematoriums appear overwhelmed by the influx of bodies.

A new wave of contamination expected during the Lunar New Year

The authorities expect a new wave of contamination during the Lunar New Year (January 22 this year), when millions of Chinese from the cities will have returned to rural areas to reunite with their families.

With the approach of the celebrations, more than 34 million journeys had been recorded on Saturday on the first day of the largest migration of the year in China, according to official figures.

China, which has 1.4 billion inhabitants, has recorded since the lifting of health restrictions in December only 30 deaths from Covid, despite an unprecedented wave of contamination in the country.

Despite the epidemic rebound, China on Sunday lifted the quarantine requirement on arrival in its territory from abroad. However, a PCR test is still required and tourist visas have been suspended for almost three years.

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