Chimy dances at the welcome party at Carvalhal

There is no greater revolution than having Chimy Ávila on your team. Rosario is a torment for rivals, a weapon of mass destruction. Balaídos was prepared for the welcome party at Carvalhal, until he realized that those who danced were dressed in red. Chimy’s whiplash muted the music. The same film again, first shot on goal against Celta and goal. Carvalhal cursed in Portuguese. However, this time the reaction was different. The team from Vigo brought out their best football to shine on Aitor’s goal. Aspas enabled Galán so that the winger missed the one-on-one against the red goalkeeper, then Óscar uncovered his particular jar of essences from a set piece, but Aitor reacted well at the last minute. In that same corner, Larsen brushed the goal with his head. But nothing, the Norwegian does not enter.

Team Shield/Flag

The celestial gale found a prize thanks to the same as always: Iago Aspas. Cervi caught a glimpse of the Moañés prowling around the area and did not hesitate to hand him the leather. What happened next you can already imagine, left foot to the net and finger to the shield.

Carvalhal smiled because he liked what he was seeing, the music started playing again. The Portuguese didn’t know that demons always knock twice. A center by Manu Sánchez from the left was enough for Chimy to start dancing. From afar, he headed a torpedo into Balaídos’ soul. This goal did hurt the sky-blues.

Team Shield/Flag

Celta had a hard time reacting to the second blow. It was not until the final stretch when they launched themselves, already desperate, in search of a tie. They saw him close when Figueroa Vázquez signaled a penalty by David García’s hand. However, the VAR annulled it. Another dagger for Celta, who still persisted. Aitor prevented the goal of the year in a Chilean by Aspas and took away the role of hero from Paciencia with two miraculous hands.


0-1, 7′: Chimy Avila1-1, 18′: Blades1-2, 27′: Chimy Avila


Referee: Jorge Figueroa Vazquez
VAR Referee: José Luis González González, Mario Melero López
unai garcia (4′, Yellow) Chimy Avila (15′, Yellow) Aymar Oroz (41′, Yellow) Aitor (43′, Yellow) W. Swedberg (65′, Yellow) Kike Garcia (87′, Yellow)

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