Chile notifies the first two dolphins killed by bird flu

The dolphins were found in the central regions of Maule and Ñuble, 270 kilometers and 440 kilometers south of the capital, respectively.

In so far this year, 4,347 stranded animals have been recorded on the Chilean coasts, of which 3,347 are sea lions and 958 Humboldt penguins And although most have not been tested, authorities attribute their deaths to bird flu.

"We registered 2,415% more dead stranded marine animals than last year in the country, and this is attributed to the phenomenon of highly pathogenic avian influenza that we are facing not only in Chile but also in several countries in South and North America, Europe and Asia."Tapia said.

The situation of the Humboldt penguins is of particular concern to the Chilean authorities, since their population barely reaches 11,000 individuals in the country and is listed as a species "vulnerable"according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

"In this contingency we are close to losing 10% of this species, and that of course worries us"said the director of Sernapesca.

The first case of bird flu in Chile was detected last December in the north of the country and, since then, it has spread to Magallanes, the extreme south.

Despite the fact that it is a disease that mainly affects wild birds and some species of mammals, transmission to humans who have contact with sick animals or their remains is possible.

The Chilean Ministry of Health notified a case of a person with bird flu at the end of March, a 53-year-old man who was infected in the north and developed a serious condition, although he did not infect anyone around him.

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The health authorities recommend not approaching birds and animals that are dead or that have behaviors suspected of being infected by avian influenza.especially in coastal areas, to prevent new infections in humans.

The first human case reported in Latin America was registered in Ecuador in January of this year, in a 9-year-old girl residing in a rural area of ​​the Bolívar province.

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