The Celta Vigo runs the risk of losing Edward Coudet for the next season since the Argentine coach would have a proposal on the table to direct the Chilean National Team. The Chilean team has been left out of the World Cup in Qatar and they are working to give a radical change of image and the first decision they have to make is to sign a coach since Martin Lasarte He was fired a few weeks ago.

According to accountRedgol‘, the Argentine coach is being highly valued by the Chilean federation to take charge of the team since they consider that he is doing a very good job at the head of Celta, just as he did years ago at the Academy. This season the Galician team has not had much trouble in the league and has achieved the goal of permanence with relative ease, it is true that they had European goals, but after several convulsive campaigns, the club is happy with the results of the year.

You have a valid contract

Celta de Vigo seems that they would not be willing to do without their coach and clings to the fact that they have a contract with them until June 30, 2024, for which they consider that their bond is armored, however, the coach knows that he is facing a great opportunity for his career since Chile is one of the most powerful teams in South America. Looks like all the pressure is going to fall on Edward Coudetwho will have to make a decision at the end of this season.


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