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Chile deputies debate the impeachment of Piñera

Diputados Chile debaten el juicio político a Piñera

The Chilean Chamber of Deputies met on Monday – in what could be a marathon session – to debate the impeachment promoted by the opposition against President Sebastián Piñera, which if admitted would go to the Senate, which could eventually remove him.

The center-left opposition, which needs 78 of the 155 votes of the plenary session to approve the accusation, could lack votes because two of its deputies are in quarantine: one of them is also the presidential candidate Gabriel Boric, who was infected with COVID-19 , and one of his close contacts, Giorgio Jackson, whose confinement ends at midnight Monday.

The deputy Marcelo Díaz said yesterday that “we have just 78 votes,” a figure that considers the suffrage of Boric’s close contact. The opposition has 83 votes in the House, but several reject the trial.

The session began with the presentation of the trial before the plenary session by the socialist deputy Jaime Naranjo, who has said that he will speak while waiting for Jackson to arrive in the room to vote, which would happen in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

To make time, Naranjo began to read the 99 pages of the indictment.


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