Child falls from 40 feet during fun, heartbreaking video

A video of a man who fell 40 feet across a lake on a zip line at an amusement park in Mexico sent shockwaves through viewers’ hearts.

According to foreign media, this incident took place in an amusement park in Mexico, where the 6-year-old child was having an adventure to cross the lake through a zip line built at a height of 40 feet. The child was accompanied by his father.
During this fun, the child suddenly falls down from a height, the video of this thrilling adventure went viral on social media which left the viewers heartbroken.

In the video, it can be seen that the child and a grown man on the zip line are about to cross the lake when suddenly the strap on the zip line breaks and the child tied to it falls down.


However, fortunately, the child fell into the lake instead of hitting something hard when he fell down, due to which he was not injured. The child was immediately rescued from the lake and given first aid.

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