The team that could profit from this event, making the incorporation by the Italian giant at the request of its coach

One of the great jewels not only of Italian but also world football, as it is Federico Chiesa just suffered a restrictive injury to the Juventus of Turin that launched him directly to carry out an alternative in Valencia. And it is that by losing the identity stamp of the new blood from Bianconera they go for everythingr Maxi Gomez.

The position is not similar, but it is true that Juventus could fill one of the two vacancies with what it has. What they cannot give hope to is at the forefront of their attack and therefore they have chosen the Uruguayan that comes from a bittersweet moment. Although he has returned to racing, his performance is still well below expectations.

Villarreal Maxi
The Uruguayan striker appears on Juventus’ radar

The Chiesa thing has only been an impulse for Juventus that has already deployed its offer to Valencia to get the ram it needs

Ultimately this seems to be the way and at least until someone says or affirms otherwise that seems to be the backup route to Chiesa’s injury. Maxi Gómez comes from a strong scoring drought, in addition to his weak presentations and of course, his few symptoms of empathy with the handling that José Bordalás gave his case in the beginning.

Valencia knows in advance that the moment is very positive to make an exit, since it has lost value and if it continues like this, the trend will be. For something related to 20 million euros, they could accept the exit, as long as there are no clauses that issue alternative forms of payment as players.

In the absence of less than three weeks for the closing of the market, another alternative appears in the visual of Valencia with respect to Maxi

Now, the fact that it appears in the list of preferences does not mean in any case that it is the only one. Juventus is having serious financial problems and that in one way or another makes it enter the thin line of competition in that regard. A British media affirms that there is an interested party in that area of ​​the planet who could stand up.


His name has not been released, but it is assumed that he may be linked to Newcastle United. Arsenal is another of the clubs that are after the search for a forward, although they have made it clear that their priorities are Vlahovic and Alexander Isak. Uncertainty continues and waiting for coherent answers.