Chiesa moves to Atlético in 2024: Painful condition Simeone decides

The arrival of the talented Italian attacker presents a new opportunity for the mattress team but the Argentina coach will have to make a big sacrifice.

At the Atlético table, the name of Federico Chiesa pops up again, but this time there’s a requirement that’s difficult to fulfil. Already in the summer market 2022 is the mattress club He probed the probabilities of getting his signature. What he found out was that Juventus (current club) were signed due to their long-term contract (2025) at a cost of more than 60 million euros. However, until they try again in the following year’s summer window, there will only be one season left.

Atlético’s idea is to take advantage of the fact that there is only one year left on his contract to try to get Chiesa out for a good price. But there is a problem that Andrea Berta has identified and it has to do with the payroll. It is well known that in order to fix such a problem, a high-paying player has to fold. Well, that’s exactly what can happen at the end of this season.

sporty Chiesa
If Atlético want to seek Federico Chiesa’s signing, Griezmann’s departure must be expected.

If Atlético want Federico Chiesa’s signing, they will have to say goodbye to Griezmann

To solve two problems at the same time and speed up the integration of the Italian striker, the sports management together with the coaching staffYou thought about not having Antoine Griezmann anymore. The Frenchman is one of the top earners in the squad and the transalpine striker would directly replace the former Barcelona. A joint action where the Madrid team would be the main beneficiary.

This is where the criteria and the opinion of one of the most important people at Atlético, Diego Simeone, come into play. Only he can decide whether it makes more sense to use the services of a player who already knows the dynamics of the team. Or on the contrary The Rojiblanca squad is in need of fresh blood, with the former Fiorentina best placed to start putting together a new attacking line should Morata and Depay also leave.

Atlético and Simeone would have an easy time choosing between Griezmann and Chiesa

At the moment it is becoming difficult to make the decision that they have to make in the overall and sports management, also accompanied by the mattress trainer staff. We are talking about the sacking of a footballer who is already in the history of Rojiblanca and has also won three titles with the clubnot to mention he became world champion while still in Cholo Simeone’s squad.

However, the question is that Antoine Griezmann himself has given signs that he wants to leave after the end of the current season. Apparently, the French forward is already thinking about his retirement and would like to end up in an exotic league where he doesn’t have to push himself to the extreme and also makes colossal calculations. This would make things easier for Atlético and even more so for the manager who would choose Federico Chiesa to replace the Little Prince.

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