Chhavi Mittal arrived in a bikini in front of her 4-year-old son, users trolled

Chhavi Mittal often becomes a target for trolls for one reason or another. Now, recently, she is becoming a victim of trolling due to his recent post. However, his fans were also seen supporting and appreciating him. Chhavi is actually seen wearing a bikini in his Instagram post. The thing to note is that his 4-year-old son is seen looking at him in this picture which some people didn’t like. At the same time, fans of him praise him for normalizing him.

Chhavi Mittal often shares her open thoughts with her fans through her Instagram posts. He now recently shared a photo of her wearing a bikini. This photo has been clicked by her daughter Arija. At the same time, her 4-year-old son is also seen in this image. In the caption of this post, Chhavi wrote: ‘Yeh pyari photo bomber arja. She refuses to get away from me! And really this stubbornness made the whole trip to Alibaug so much fun! Plus, Lil’s clicking the best pics, right?

In this image, some users support the image while others troll them. Reacting to this post, one fan wrote: “It’s not okay to be naked in front of a child.” While another praised the image, he wrote: “What you’re wearing and how you involve the kids in everything you do, just live like that, I try to do the same.” I involve my children in everything. My kids are 5 and they shoot my reels.

Chhavi has faced trolling before for kissing children. In fact, Chhavi was being teased for kissing children, to which the actress gave a fitting response, writing, “It’s impossible to imagine how a mother loves her children, people oppose that too. Can the comments that they came in support of this troll’s comment they are not just in support of me, they are in support of humanity. i love you so much. Sharing some more photos of me kissing my two children on the mouth. because i don’t know how to define the limits of my love for him

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