Chen, after relegation: “We have not learned from the mistakes made”

Self-critical, although surely far from what the social mass of the Spanishwho no longer communicates with him responsible for two declines in just three years, the last consummated this Sunday in Mestalla. He president and owner of the parrot club, Chen Yanshengaddressed the fans this Monday through a recorded message and from Chinafaithful to his style and that of his acolytes, which will most likely be of little use to the blue and white fans.

“Dear fans. We are sorry, we have failed you and we know that nothing we say now can comfort your pain.nor calm your impotence and anger. We have fought and we have believed in reaching the goal until the last momentbut we have not succeeded, and from the Board of Directors of Espanyol we want to apologize and assume all our responsibility in an outcome that you do not deserve ”, Chen begins in the statement, which he reads in front of the screen.

“From the Espanyol Board of Directors we want to apologize and assume all our responsibility”

chen yansheng

And the president continues: “It is a moment of deep sadness for all of us who love Espanyol. Going back to Second is a blow; nobody wanted it, nor expected it. We have not learned as we should from the mistakes made a few seasons ago and we will have to play in the silver category for the sixth time in our history”.

“It’s time to analyze the season and make self-criticismto correct errors, but also to enhance the virtues”, he assures, without listing what they are, if any. And he abounds: “We know thatThe club has not been up to the task in many moments of the season, that he has not been able to redirect a situation that began to go wrong a long time ago, but It’s no use complaining now. We can learn from the past, but what matters is the present and starting a path to return us to the place that, due to history and fans, we deserve”.

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“It is useless now to lament. We can learn from the past, but what matters is the present and start a path that will return us to the place that we deserve due to history and hobby “

chen yansheng

We have fallen many times and we have always risen.. This time it will not be different. Rebellion, non-conformity and the fighting spirit are part of our DNA”, says Chen, delving into an unusual testosteronic discourse for him. “A parrot does not give up, nor will it give up. The responsibility for relegation lies within the club’s management and they must also start from there the decisions that should take us back to Primera and on which we are already working to regain your confidence. Your support for the team and our colors is beyond doubt because you have always been there”, Chen continues.

And the president of Espanyol concludes: “We cannot ask you for anything. You have gone out of your way for your club. You have added, pushed and believed until the last minute. On our part there can only be a single commitment: work from this very moment to recover the lost category, devoting all the resources to it at our reach. Your encouragement is essential for our players. We promise to give everything for our centenary shield and for you. Our most sincere apologies. Visit l’Espanyol”.

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