Home Sports Chelsea’s mess puts Atlético within a shot of world crack

Chelsea’s mess puts Atlético within a shot of world crack

The situation of the English team could benefit Simeone’s squad

A great opportunity has just presented itself to you. Atletico Madrid thank the hell he’s going through Chelsea F.C. As most of you know, the London team is going through a sad situation due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the closeness of Roman Abramovic (its owner) with Vladimir Putin. This has caused the blue team to have to let their stars out and has also been excluded from signing.

The domino effect generated by the decision of the FIFA to punish a team that has nothing to do with the situation between the countries at war, has affected the Real Madrid. There was the Belgian with the suitcases ready Eden Hazard, who was planning to return to Stamford Bridge. Now the midfielder will have to draw up another plan and the key would be in Madrid.

Chelsea Athletic
The Belgian attacker has run out of place at Real Madrid, and can no longer go to Chelsea.

Hazard will leave Real Madrid even if Chelsea is a zero destination, and Atlético takes advantage

The Belgian attacker is having a very bad time in Ancelotti’s squad and has even been listed as the worst signing in merengue history. He, like the Madrid team, wants to end the marriage, and this summer will be the date for his execution. Florentino Pérez doesn’t care that the player can no longer go to Chelsea, his decision remains firm, the player leaves.

A likely destination for Hazard would be right there in the Spanish capital. The mattress group is testing the signing of the Belgian before a possible departure of Joao Félix, which will leave a significant sum to the red and white coffers. The figure that Real Madrid paid in 2019 for the Belgian (122 kilos) will have a reduction of 82 million euros. In other words, the signing will cost Atlético 40 kilos.

Hazard would leave Real Madrid but would not play for Chelsea and might not reach Atlético

There is a possibility that the attacker does not play in any of the three mentioned clubs. At Real Madrid they cannot stand their stay any longer, at Chelsea it is impossible due to the FIFA sanction, and at Atlético their high salaries prevent it. Although the mattress box could pay for the signing, his high salary would leave a huge tax gap in the wage bill.

Currently Hazard receives a sum of 23 kilos in the merengue club, and in Atlético the one who earns the most is Griezmann with 20 million euros. In addition, in the summer they will free themselves from the high salary of Luis Suárez (15 kilos) and possibly Oblak (15 kilos) to balance things. In the same way, the Madrid team does not rule out the signing of the Belgian and they will continue looking for formulas to deliver the signing.

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