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Chelsea sanctions break Eden Hazard’s dream

Chelsea sanctions break Eden Hazard's dream

Eden Hazard It has become one of the worst signings in the history of the Real Madrid since it came in exchange for 160 million euros and has spent more time in the merengue infirmary than on the pitch. The most expensive signing in white history is not at all comfortable in the team since he does not enter the plans of Carlo Ancelotti and today he occupies a position on the bench since he is the substitute for Vinicius Junior.

Given this situation, the Belgian winger hoped to be able to leave the Santiago Bernabéu in the next summer market, but not to go to any club, his wish is to return to Chelsea. Various English media such as ‘The Sun‘, they speculated on the possibility that the London team was interested in taking back their star for so many years, this excited Hazard, but unfortunately, the sanctions that have been imposed on Stamford Bridge due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine due to of the proximity of Roman Abramovich to Vladimir Putin, have ended up breaking the illusion of the merengue player still.

The meringues want to lose sight of it

Real Madrid is not willing to continue keeping a footballer as expensive as Eden Hazard, who occupies the first salary step and who above does not perform as expected of him. For this reason, the merengue team has decided to put a starting price on it in order to lose sight of it as soon as the transfer market opens. 40 million euros are what Florentino Pérez wants to recover with the sale of the Belgian international.

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