The passage of the Frenchman to the British squad could definitely take place after adjusting a compound

From England they advance the news to the extent that the Chelsea has been fine-tuned with the achievement of Ousmane Dembele, player who no longer goes with FC Barcelona at the request of their own directors. And it is that after analyzing the situation and thinking with a cool head, the conclusion has been reached that soccer players with this level and character, the best thing is that they make way away from the squad.

Under this measure, the ‘Blues’, who have always been involved in the idea of ​​capturing the player, could present a firm offer, putting one of their players on the exit list in the Catalan ranks, it is about Hakim Zyech. The Moroccan that Xavi likes so much and who can fulfill that task.

Hakim Ziyech is the man they require at FC Barcelona

The internal signal in Barcelona is for Dembélé immediately, allowing the safe arrival of Chelsea

Alemany in personal conversation with the player has secured a place on the wish list. He has asked you to consider your position and match reality. In ways that he has 10 days from now to close the deal, amid the frenzy of options being raised to close out the season.

Deembélé has shown that he is not up to the task and the confidence provided by Xavi has failed. In addition, he is a player whose shirt weighs him down, and who has left a cloak of doubts in moments where commitment is required. A key point to unravel this issue and define the next step.

Xavi stays like this with a player who can supply him with other things in his team

In exchange, he adds Ziyech, who is more remembered for what he did at Ajax in Amsterdam than what he has done at Chelsea. Left wing right winger with tremendous ball control and an exceptional sense of location. In addition, he has in his favor the key point of his punch, speed and enormous skill.

Together with the strikers that the culé coach has at hand, he could be quite useful, and that is that apart from that he has something special, he wants to play for Can Barça. So if nothing goes wrong, the issue is falling, everything will depend on what Laporta establishes and the conditions to close the link.


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