Chelsea ‘banned’ Lukaku

The situation of Romelu Lukaku Things are getting more and more bizarre in London. A few days before the transfer market closes, Chelsea still can’t find a way out for him. a player who doesn’t even train with the first-team banned by Mauricio Pochettino.

The Belgium striker returned from loan this summer after spending a season at Inter Milan, a side where he didn’t perform well and had more shadows than lights. The Italian team didn’t want to know more about him, but this The reality is that neither does Chelsea, and their manager has made it clear on numerous occasions that they don’t have him.

As the Daily Telegraph reports, Lukaku has not spoken to Pochettino since returning to Stamford Bridge. and everything seems that their relationship is not good at all. In addition, Romelu trains with the team’s subsidiary, Chelsea U21, a decision that demonstrates that little interest from the London team in their services.


Although his status as a footballer has plummeted, Lukaku was one of the best “9” on the continent not so long ago. Between 2019 and 2021 with the Internetr, the forward scored 48 goals in two seasons of Serie A, in addition to another 6 goals in the Champions League. This level vHe has forgotten that half of Europe is crazybut it was Chelsea who bet heavily on him.

The “Blues” paid 113 million to sign him in the summer of 20221, but its arrival was a complete failure from start to finish. Despite the 8 Premier League goals that The Belgian left no good feelings andon the pitch and the English decided to send him back to Italy, back to Inter Milan.

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This year, Lukaku claimed more covers for non-sports topics than for football achievements in the “Nerazurri” organization. He ended badly with the coach and especially their peers Lautaro Martinez, with whom he had a very good relationship. I’ve called him several times and he won’t answer the phone. Neither do other colleagues. “After so many years together, he disappointed me and I didn’t expect that,” explained the Argentine.

And now this?

ANDHe was born in Antwerp and is currently in a very delicate situation. At 30, there isn’t a team willing to offer him a contract, which makes sense given his recent performances where we’ve seen one Lukaku completely lost and without desire within the playing field.

Chelsea areá offer in aparador from Stamford Bridge, but no one shows up. The Juventus were interested in a barter for the Belgian, in an operation in which Dusan Vlahovic traveled to England with a lot of money, but ultimately failed. For the Turin team, Lukaku’s role in Allegri’s plan was not clear at all.

A few days before the market closes One of the most realistic options open to the player is Saudi Arabia. Given the money wasting going on in the Arab country, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Belgian packed his bags in search of a pharaonic contract.

The latest rumor also suggests this José Mourinho’s Rome, as a possible last option. The Portugal coach could be interested in Lukaku, as long as the deal is completed at a “reasonable” price.

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