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Chelsea already know the price of Balogun

Chelsea already know the price of Balogun

The focus is on young American forward Folarin Balogun, who made his name on the European stage with a spectacular performance in the French league last season. The latest information shows that his club Arsenal have a clear position: he will not squander this promise for less than £50m, around €58m at the current exchange rate.

As reported by English outlet Standard, Chelsea are the team most keen on Balogun’s services and want to strengthen their attacking line with this rising talent. However, the task won’t be easy as Arsenal are determined to keep their young star in their ranks. This transfer battle between two Premier League giants promises to keep fans in suspense for weeks to come.

Balogun’s outstanding season in France was a testament to his skill and potential. His impressive performances have not gone unnoticed and he is now on the radar of one of England’s biggest clubs. With speed, agility and an innate ability to score, Balogun embodies the quintessential modern forward who could perfectly suit Chelsea’s style of play.

The “Blues” have proven their economic power

Arsenal’s decision to demand a heavy price for Folarin Balogun’s departure will not stop Chelsea, who have shown great financial potential since Todd Boelhy came to power a year ago. In that time, Stamford Bridge players have spent a whopping around €1,000m on transfers and a few more won’t stop the Chelsea boss, so a proposal could be on the table for Arsenal for Balogun in the next few hours.

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