Home Business Chef Antonio Arrabal cooks “Finally Monday” at Cajaviva Caja Rural de Burgos

Chef Antonio Arrabal cooks “Finally Monday” at Cajaviva Caja Rural de Burgos

El chef Antonio Arrabal cocina el ‘Lunes, por fin’ de Cajaviva Caja Rural de Burgos


Chef Antonio Arrabal took part today in a new edition of the “Finally Monday” event organized by Cajaviva and Fundación Caja Rural. It is an event in which the protagonists are people from different areas of the social and cultural life of Burgos and whose aim is to bring closer and publicize the everyday life of these people, their personal experiences and the interaction with them.

Last October, Mercedes Rodríguez Vázquez, head of communications and image at Cajaviva Caja Rural, interviewed Spanish paleoanthropologist Juan Luis Arsuaga. In previous editions, businessman and CEO of Hiperbaric, Andrés Hernando, took part in “Monday at Last”; the researcher and director of Cenieh, María Martinón; musicians Diego Galaz and Daniel Guantes; the blogger and popularizer Azucena Santillán or the Archbishop of Burgos, Mario Iceta.

This Monday it was the turn of the renowned chef Antonio Arrabal. He was born in Barcelona and grew up in Zaragoza. He is the owner of the restaurant La Jamada and the cooking and gastronomic research workshop space LAB La Jamada, both in the city of Burgos. The event took place in the Cajaviva room.

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