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Checo Pérez gives in to Red Bull’s blackmail: midfielder within shot of Carlos Sainz

The Mexican driver has shown little interest in sharing races with the Dutchman

During this season, Checo Perez He showed great annoyance from the beginning for Max Verstappen at Red Bull. The Dutch driver, who is on his way to his third consecutive Formula 1 World Championship, has not taken him into consideration for a long time and does not share the car’s decisions with the Mexican.

And it is that One of Verstappen’s most recent disrespects towards Checo Pérez has come through an interview in which the Dutchman he ignores everything the Mexican has done to help him become world champion at Red Bull, with all his advice.

checo perez red bull
The Mexican prefers to step aside

In an interview, Checo Pérez revealed the contempt he has received at Red Bull

I like to think that having extra capacity is also an advantage in Formula 1. In my opinion, Fernando Alonso also has this gift, that’s for sure. You can see it in the way he notices the little details in the cabin,” Verstappen states, ignoring the Mexican’s name.

In this way, Pérez has been listening to offers for weeks. He has tired of being second in command, of seeing himself behind Verstappen. He knows that Red Bull will look for a way out for him, that the Austrian team always bets on young drivers, so it is better to go and hear bad news.

At the end of this season, the future of many drivers in F1 will be known

That is why it has been known that The first call came from the Mercedes team, where they fear that Lewis Hamilton will go to Ferrariand the latest comments point towards, precisely, the Italian team, which has doubts about the level of Carlos Sainz in the last F1 competitions.

With the certainty that the situation with Max Verstappen is getting more difficult every dayCheco Pérez’s objective is to win races and have a great season, to show that he is as good as the Dutchman, to change airs when the competition ends. The Mexican has run out of patience.

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