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Check Hunter Biden: the US President’s son charged with illegal gun purchases and possession

Check Hunter Biden: the US President's son charged with illegal gun purchases and possession

The problems in the Biden family are increasing. As United States President Joe Biden faces an impeachment trial (political trial) sponsored by Republicans in the House of Representatives, His son Hunter is on his way to stand trial. Special prosecutor David Weiss, appointed by former President Donald Trump, this Thursday charged the youngest of the Bidens with three federal charges related to gun possession (two felony charges for allegedly making false statements when purchasing a revolver and a third charge for possession). Possession of weapons when addicted to drugs). If convicted, Hunter could face up to 25 years in prison and fines of up to $750,000. It is the first time in US history that the Justice Department has made a presentation Indictment against the son of an active president.

The accusation comes afterwards This summer, a possible agreement between Hunter and prosecutors that would have allowed the matter to be resolved without charges fell through. The defendant planned to plead guilty to two tax crimes in exchange for prosecutors dropping one of the charges related to the gun purchase as long as he stayed out of legal trouble and passed a drug test. But at the last minute, a federal judge halted the deal because the agreements reached were “confusing,” “not simple,” “atypical” and “unprecedented,” said Judge Maryellen Noreika.

Abbe Lowell, lawyer for the most problematic son of the US President, assures that this previous agreement with the prosecution “prevents the filing of additional charges” and that his client “has fulfilled the conditions of release under this previous agreement”. But on his part The public prosecutor points out that this agreement never came into force and is therefore not valid. Weiss was appointed special counsel by Merrick Garland (appointed US Attorney General by Biden in 2021), and this position allows him greater independence from the Justice Department as he conducts his investigation into an unprecedented case. A senior official has told North American media reporters that “Weiss will write a report that the attorney general is expected to release when the investigation is complete.”

The events date back to October 2018, when Hunter purchased a Colt Cobra revolver at a gun store in Delaware. In order to access it, he had to lie on the federal form that he must fill out by law before making the purchase, swearing on it that he was not addicted to illegal drugs nor did he use drugs, which was a problem lie as the son the president was battling his crack addiction at the time. Hunter was in possession of the gun for 11 days.

If the allegation goes to trial, the trial could coincide with Joe Biden’s bid for re-election in the 2024 election. Hunter is in California and it was unclear late Thursday when he would make his first court appearance on the charges. When asked about the new allegation yesterday, the White House referred questions to the Justice Department “given that this is an independent investigation.” This is not the only case involving the president’s young son

The American could turn himself in. Prosecutor Weiss would also investigate Hunter for several tax crimes and some other charges related to these investigations are not excluded, as he indicated in a court filing last month in which he assured that he “could file tax reports in California or Washington.” DC

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