Cheapest Dutch crypto exchange Finst is growing fast and is starting a campaign

Perhaps some have already noticed that a new name has emerged in the Dutch crypto world. crypto exchange Finnish emerged last month and plans to conquer the Dutch and European market. To achieve this, Finst has some unique advantages and the exchange has started a serious campaign, advertising with €5,000 euros free trading.

Finnish bitcoin exchange

The Finst exchange was launched to the general public as recently as January 2023. It is therefore perhaps the youngest crypto exchange in the Netherlands at the moment. However, it is not only the youngest, but most likely also the cheapest.

That is of course attractive to many crypto investors and traders and that is why Finst has already grown enormously in the first month. Many thousands of users have made Finst their home base and the platform already has a daily trading volume of several million euros; not bad for a trading platform that has been on the market for barely a month!

Readers who live in Amsterdam or Rotterdam will most likely see the name Finst regularly in the near future. As part of a new campaign to gain brand awareness, Finst can be seen on at least 600 bus shelters there.

Low trading costs at Finst

The brand new bitcoin (BTC) exchange was launched this year by an experienced team that previously led the wildly popular stock platform DEGIRO to success. The Finst team knows how to build an exchange!

Trading costs are extremely low on Finst. So low in fact that no other exchange in the Netherlands can match the rate that users can get at Finst. Finst uses a fixed rate of only 0.15% in transaction costs for each transaction.

That percentage is on average 8x lower than what other crypto trading platforms in the Netherlands can offer their customers. And that is not all. Finst also has a temporary promotion that allows new users who register in February for two weeks Being able to trade $5,000 completely free!

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